Learning to be Conscious

by D A Collins

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Traditional meditation, doing nothing, sitting still in silence with closed eyes and watching your breathing, is boring and time consuming. Soaring beyond mindfulness, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky’s methods use normal daily life and self-verified experiences to build higher consciousness. Their dynamic system is explained here in modern terminology and outlined in clear, sequential steps to enable a quick understanding of this accelerated path.

The clarity of this book is strengthened by avoiding the wordiness, symbolism, and vagueness that have bogged down other books on these methods. At the end of each chapter, its main points are highlighted, exercises are given to put the specific ideas into practice, and a glossary is included for all new concepts.

Terms are explained in commonly used language.

Exercises are clear and simple.

One step logically leads to another.

All information can be self-verified.

D. A. Collins, a Registered Nurse and author, has studied and taught techniques of Fourth Way, meditation, and yoga since 1970.