Baseline Care Plan Requirements Outlined by CMS

Posted by LTCS on May 14, 2024

New version MDS 1.18.11 for Baseline Care PlanLong term care facilities must develop and implement a baseline care plan for each resident within 48 hours of admission.

The guidelines state the 48 hour baseline care plan must include “the instructions needed to provide effective and person-centered care of the resident that meet professional standards of quality care,” including, but not limited to: initial goals based on admission orders, physician orders, dietary orders, therapy services, social services, and PASARR recommendation, if applicable.

According to the regulations, facilities may develop a comprehensive care plan in place of the baseline care plan if the comprehensive care plan meets all of the requirements for the baseline care plan outlined in the surveyor guidelines.

In order to assure all of the requirements of the guidelines are met, LTCS Books recommends that the facility develops and implements a comprehensive care plan within 48 hours of admission.

Baseline Care Plan Regulations

Enhanced Barrier Precautions Now Required

Posted by LTCS on March 24, 2024

Enhanced barrier precautions (EBP) are now required by CMS for residents with chronic wounds or indwelling medical devices during high-contact resident care activities regardless of their multi drug-resistant organism  (MRDO) status.

The new guidelines list the specific chronic wounds and high-contact resident care activities.

Required Measures for EBP are: Gloves and gown prior to the high-contact care activity, change PPE before caring for another resident, face protection if performing activity with risk of splash or spray.

The LTCS book Infection Control Program for Long Term Care has been updated to reflect the new guidelines.

New MDS Version 1.18.11

Posted by LTCS on January 3, 2024

CMS released last October the final draft of the Minimum Data Set, MDS 3.0 version 1.18.11 that must now be used for all MDS assessment submissions. Section G was entirely dropped. Eleven sections of the MDS form had significant changes. There were also additions to the Care Area Assessment triggers.

LTCS Books has updated books, care plans, care area assessments, and flash drives for the changes, including the MDS Coordinator’s Handbook, Complete Nursing Care Plans book, Director of Nursing Handbook, Restorative Nursing Program, and Social Services Care Plans. The flash drives also include a Free Guide to the Latest MDS Changes in an easy to use chart.

CMS MDS 3.0 RAI Manual Page and Updates