Nursing Policies and Procedures for Long Term Care

Nursing Policies and Procedures for Long Term Care

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Medications, Falls, Restraints, Pressure Ulcers, and Pain Care

          Nursing Policy Long Term Care sample forms:

Table of Contents

Feeding Tube Nursing Policy and Procedure

Medication Errors Nursing Policy and Procedure

The  facility’s Nursing policy for long term care manual outlines administrative nursing policies and standards of care for basic nursing care procedures and clinical practices.

The Director of Nursing should review and update each nursing policy in the nursing policy for long term care book at least annually to ensure it is comprehensive and accurate. Updates to each nursing policy for long term care should also be made when applicable due to changes in regulations or nursing standards of practice. Other appropriate additions to the manual would be manufacturer guidelines and instructions for new equipment and devices. Some facilities have a policy and procedure committee that meets several times per year to review and consider changes to the manual.

The form at the top of each nursing policy for long term care has spaces for the date the policy and procedure was approved by the Director of Nursing and the date of any addendums or changes.

The master copy of each nursing policy for long term care should be kept in the office of the Director of Nursing, and copies can be placed at each nurses’ station so when policy or procedure is in doubt, staff members can refer to the manual for clarity.

Some facilities include with the policy and procedure manual master copies of forms, and this can help to ensure uniform documentation throughout the facility.

Each nursing policy for long term care may also be used as teaching tools in an inservice or employee counseling session.

Nursing policies and procedures have been updated to ensure compliance with the change to MDS 3.0 and with all of the federal regulations and guidelines updated during the past year.

Each nursing policy for long term care in the book is also included on the CD which is located in the back of the manual, so they may be easily edited on a word processor for desired updates and changes.