Activities Care Plans

Fourth Edition 2016 Book and CD for Long Term Care, 171 pages

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Activities Care Plans in book and CD

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Sample Activities Care Plans and Forms:

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  Vision Care Plan for Activities Special Needs

Pain Care Plan for Activities Special Needs

Make Special Needs and MDS 3.0 Activities care plans resident and facility specific in one click

The CMS Revised Activity Guidance outlines very comprehensive standards for Activities care plans.  Activities care plans are expected to cover numerous resident special need areas even if they are not triggered by the Activities CAA module. These areas include behavioral symptoms, special dietary needs, impaired mobility, sensory and communication deficits, and cognitive impairment. The guidance stresses that Activities care plans must be “Person Appropriate”. Writing  comprehensive Activities care plans can be challenging, and having the right resources at hand makes it so much easier. This manual provides information and tools for quick and comprehensive Activities care plan development. All of the forms and care plans are based on the expectations of the Revised Activity Guidance. Forms and Activities care plans have been updated to ensure compliance with the change to MDS version 3.0 and with all of the federal regulations and guidelines updated during the past year. The CD-ROM contains all of the forms and Activities care plans from the book. When the CD is placed in the hard drive of the computer, the care plans can be opened on any word processor and edited. Entries can be deleted or added, and the forms can be made resident and facility specific. In Chapter One, Data Collection, guidance is given for collecting assessment data and putting all the information together quickly and comprehensively. The data collection forms flow alphabetically with the MDS 3.0 and include care plan triggers. The resident interview questions cover areas emphasized by the Revised Activity Guidance. Information is given on Care Area Assessment CAA Summary documentation. Chapter Two, Nursing Care Plans, explains standards of Activities care plans, components of a nursing care plan, and guidelines for the nursing care plan conference. The care plan templates in Chapter Three cover every possible Activities problem. Each activity care plan has many choices for specific needs, signs and symptoms, goals, and interventions. A column is included to indicate which staff members are responsible for carrying out interventions. The Quality Assurance chapter contains forms to monitor the quality of the facility Activities program, Activities documentation, and individual resident plans of care. Survey questions are included to enable the Activity Director to evaluate staff preparedness for state survey. In the section of Source Documents, The Revised Activity Guidance is included in its entirety. Regulations and the Activities sections from the RAI User’s Manual are also included. “I have been in the field of Activities/Recreation for 26 years. This is the most accurate and comprehensive book I have found for use in writing care plans, understanding the MDS and the care plan process. I will be using information in this book: for my staff to improve their writing skills, during consulting work and during the MEPAP 2nd Edition course I teach.” Nancy Vandevender, CTRS/CRmTII, Recreation Skills Group, Mechanicsburg, PA

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