Infection Control Program for Long Term Care 

Covid-19 CMS Regulations and Updates, Infection Preventionist, RAI Manual Updates, Surveyor Guidelines 

2022 Book and Flash Drive, 176 pages

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Table of Contents

Resident Infection Report

Tracheostomy Care Policy and Procedure

Urinary Catheter Audit

Tracking and Audit Forms ~ Policies and Procedures

Inservices for Standard Precautions and Infectious Diseases

Antibiotic Stewardship

 Infection Control Long Term Care Samples

Program Development and Oversight

Policies and Procedures ~ Employee Health and Education

Standard, Transmission-based, and Indirect Transmission

MDS 3.0 Items and Infection Control

 Outbreak Control ~ Communicable Disease Reporting

Multiple Drug Resistant Organisms

Cleaning and Disinfection ~ Needles and Sharps

Airborne, Contact, and Droplet Precautions

Influenza Immunization ~ Intravenous Therapy

 Suctioning ~ Tracheostomy Care

Urinary Catheter Care ~ Laboratory Services

Tuberculosis Testing ~ Pneumonia Vaccine

This Infection Control for Long Term Care manual gives information and forms to implement a complete infection control program. It includes the latest CMS regulations on infection control for long term care, a job description for the infection control nurse, and information on coding infections on the MDS 3.0. Included in the forms are nursing policies and procedures and nursing inservices for training long term care staff in infection prevention practices. The auditing and tracking forms will facilitate the task of preventing and monitoring infections in the facility. Forms in the Infection Control Long Term Care manual comply with the change to MDS 3.0 and with all of the federal regulations and guidelines updated during the past year. All of the forms and nursing care plans in the book are included on the Flash Drive so they can be saved to a computer whenever needed. By adding or deleting entries, the forms and care plans can be made resident specific.

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