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MDS 3.0 RAI Manual   Current version of MDS 3.0 RAI Manual and associated documents. Updates, newer versions, and important information related to the MDS manual and form.

CMSNet Submission Access    Connect to state site for MDS submission

RAVEN Manuals and Provider User Guides

MDS 3.0 Technical Information

MDS Coordinator BookThe MDS Coordinator’s Handbook

The resources and forms in this book and on the CD will greatly clarify, simplify, and expedite the resident assessment and scheduling process. 

MDS Changes Will Drop Section G

CMS released the initial draft version of the MDS v1.18.0 that was to become effective in October, 2020. The changes have been postponed for now due to the corona virus.

The biggest change in the draft is the elimination of Section G. Section GG is retained.

CMS has also published tables detailing the changes to each section of the MDS assessment form. The files for the initial draft and the change tables can be accessed on the CMS page:

MDS 3.0 Technical Information