Long Term Care Inservices

2016 Sixth Edition Book and CD, 210 pages

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Each topic packet includes everything needed to give an entire long term care inservice.

Current with all RAI Manual Updates, Surveyor Guidelines and Federal Regulatory Changes

For the Nursing Instructor:

Objectives and Outline

Lesson Notes and Handouts

Pre-test, Post-test, and Answer Key

          Sample Long Term Care Inservice:

Table of Contents

Lesson Notes Sample Standard Precautions

Objectives and Outline Sample

Includes 23 Skilled Charting Guidelines

Skilled Charting Guidelines Cardiac Care

Skilled Charting Guideline for Tube Feeding

The Long Term Care Inservices book gives all of the basic information needed to fulfill the requirements of the Staff Development position in a long term care facility for nursing assistant training. Long term care inservice forms to facilitate scheduling, planning, assessment, and evaluation of inservices are included.

The twenty-one long term care inservice topics include the mandatory inservices required by regulatory agencies and the basic long term care inservices given yearly at most long term care facilities for nursing assistant training.

The long term care inservices material is focused on the learning needs of nursing assistants, and uses the language of the Minimum Data Set MDS 3.0 and Nursing Care Plan, encouraging consistency in the long term care health care team approach.

Quality Assurance expectations are reflected in the lessons, making quality of care a priority as well as meeting regulatory expectations.

Each Long Term Care Inservice topic section contains all of the instructor’s material and all of the handouts, so each inservice could be duplicated by Xerox or printed from the CD.

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