Complete Nursing Care Plans for Long Term Care

Tenth Edition 2019 Book and CD

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143 Comprehensive Person Centered Care Plans

Current with all RAI Manual Updates, PDPM, Surveyor Guidelines and Federal Regulatory Changes

Nursing ~ Psychosocial ~ Nutritional ~ Medications

 Sample Nursing Care Plans to view and print:

Table of Contents

  Communication Nursing Care Plan

Vision Nursing Care Plan

CAAs and CATs are a snap with easy to use modules

143 Comprehensive Person Centered Nursing Care Plans for Long Term Care in the book and on the CD

The 143 nursing care plans for long term care in this book cover every nursing diagnosis and nursing care plan problem that may be generated from the Minimum Data Set – MDS 3.0.

Terminology is based on MDS 3.0 language and nursing diagnosis definitions and classifications as outlined by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association NANDA.

The nursing care plans for long term care format follows the care plan standards from the American Nurses Association.

The first section of the book covers how to write a nursing care plans for long term care: standards of care planning, components of a care plan, and guidelines for the care plan conference.

Nursing care plans for long term care have been updated to ensure compliance with the change to MDS version 3.0 and with all of the federal regulations and guidelines updated during the past year.

Care plans are placed in the book alphabetically by problem title, and follow the list given in the Table of Contents.

In the back of the book, the Cross-Referenced Index lists alternative problem titles.

The index also includes sections for categories such as Activities Care Plans, Social Service Care Plans, and Nutritional care plans.

All of the nursing care plans and forms in the book are also on the CD. When the CD is placed in a computer, the care plans can be opened in a word processor. Entries can be added or deleted to individualize the care plans.

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