The MDS Coordinator’s Handbook 

2023 Book and Flash Drive for MDS v1.18.11 with tools for simple and accurate MDS assessment and scheduling. 

18 Care Area Assessments and Triggers flow alphabetically with the MDS form. 

Data Collection, 22 Skilled Charting Guidelines, Scheduling, PDPM, Skilled Nursing 

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Table of Contents

Cardiac Care Skilled Charting Guideline

Tube Feeding Skilled Charting Guideline

Visual Function Care Area Assessment CAA

MDS  Coordinator Job Description ~ Submitting Assessments

MDS Reports ~ Data Collection Tool ~ MDS Cheat Sheet

Nursing Assistant Care Form ~Weekly Work Calendar

Assessment Master Log ~ Monthly Assessment Calendar 

PDPM Patient Driven Payment Model ~ Quality Measures

MDS Items Changing Reimbursement ~ Preventing Avoidable Declines

CAA Module Summary Notes Sample ~ Skin Breakdown Audit

MDS Completion Tracking Form ~ Medicare UR Census

Medicare Services and Utilization Review ~ Medications 

Pain Interview and Assessment ~ Section V Notes Sample 

Pain Assessment for Cognitively Impaired ~ Incident Audit

Falls Prevention ~ Surveyor Matrix for Providers

Psychotropic Medication Audit  and much more 

The MDS Coordinator holds one of the key positions in a long term care facility, and works closely with the entire interdisciplinary team. Looking at the broad picture and spectrum of care, she ensures and enhances the quality of care. The reimbursement of the facility depends on the accuracy and consistency of her documentation.

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