Pain Care Plans for Home Health Care 

  A complete Home Health Agency Pain Care Program

Nursing Care Plans, assessments, forms, flow sheets, audits, text, regulations, medications, non-pharmaceutical interventions, inservice for pain care

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Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Pain Management

Patient Pain Care Bill of Rights

Establishing an Agency Pain Care Program

Agency Pain Care Program Quality Assurance Audit

Assessing Pain

Pain Scales

Glossary of Pain Assessment Terms

Types of Pain

Qualitative Descriptions of Pain

Nonverbal Indicators of Pain

Interview and Assessment for Pain

Assessment for the Cognitively Impaired

Management and Monitoring of Pain

Non- Pharmacological Interventions

Pharmacological Interventions and Side Effects

Flow Sheet

Pain Flow sheet for Cognitively Impaired

Pain Medication History

Writing Care Plans for Pain

Quality Assurance

Staff Education

Inservice for Pain Care

Pain Care Plans:


Pain, Cognitively Impaired

Pain Medication


Activity Intolerance




Sleep Pattern Disturbance