Activity Inservices for Long Term Care

 Includes 3 Free Inservices and Bonus Inservice Coordinator Forms

Cognitive ~ Sensory and Communication ~Wandering

Each Inservice includes:

Objectives and Outline

Speaking Notes

Test with Key


Pre-test and Post-test

Bonus Inservice Forms:

Job Description


Learning Needs Assessment


Employee Record

Instructor’s Evaluation

Participant’s Evaluation

Orientation Checklist

Inservice Planner

Sheet, Tracker

Provides essential information and material for giving activity inservices to certified nursing assistants in a long term care facility.

Activity inservice forms to facilitate scheduling, planning, assessment, and evaluation are included.

The material for the three activity inservices is focused on the learning needs of long term care nursing assistants, and uses the language of the Minimum Data Set MDS 3.0 and Care Plan, encouraging consistency in the health care team approach.

Quality Assurance expectations are reflected in the lessons, making quality of care a priority as well as meeting regulatory expectations.

Each topic section contains all of the instructor’s material and all of the handouts, so each inservice could be duplicated by copy machine or printed from the CD.

All of the forms and topic materials are in the manual and also on the CD, thus:Any number of copies can be easily printed

Copies will always be fresh

The material can be altered in any way desired