Validation Therapy and Dementia Interventions

Posted by LTCS on April 11, 2012

Two Nurses and Post Fall Assessment and Investigation Restorative Nursing Care PlansWorking to include Culture Change practices in social service care plans and their interventions is good practice. Validation Therapy has been used in many long term care nursing facilities since 1982, when Naomi Feil first published her book Validation: The Feil Method.

For severely demented residents, reorientation to the present time and place is often ineffective and sometimes too disturbing. It can be so much more useful and compassionate to enter the resident’s time and place and explore it with the resident.

For example, if a confused resident is looking for her mother, whom you know is deceased, it is more therapeutic to ask, “What do you want to tell your mother?” than to remind the resident her mother has been dead for many years. Often this improved communication will elicit such information as the resident is thirsty or tired. A resident who thinks he is at work can be asked what he does at his job, giving him an opportunity to describe things he did that made him feel useful. Adding these sorts of interventions to Social Service care plans and training staff members in Validation Therapy techniques will improve the quality of life for demented long term care residents.

Read more about Naomi Feil and information about her books and training materials on her website:

Validation Therapy