Director of Nursing Long Term Care

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Director of Nursing for Long Term Care Book

2015 MDS 3.0 Edition

DON Handbook for Long Term Care

Increase survey success! Comprehensive manual for the new or experienced Director of Nursing

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All the essential information on:  Staffing ~ Resident Care ~ Quality Assurance ~  MDS Essentials ~Nursing Policy and Procedure ~Long Term Care Regulations ~ Survey Protocols

Forms in the Director of Nursing book and on the CD for:  Nursing budget ~ Staffing ~ Scheduling ~ Employee records ~Staff education ~ Quality assurance audits ~ Infection control for long term care

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Table of Contents


Nursing Assistant Care Form

 Incident Documentation Audit

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The long term care industry is heavily regulated and under increasing public scrutiny. The demands on the Director of Nursing in long term care increase yearly, and she is in a key position to increase and support the quality of care in the skilled nursing facility.

There is at present no official training to prepare nurses for the Director of Nursing position in long term care, and nurses who fill the position come from varied backgrounds and degrees of experience.

This Director of Nursing book aims to give all of the basic information a long term care Director of Nursing needs today. For the experienced Director of Nursing it provides a good reference for long term care regulations, standards, and laws. The forms included in the Director of Nursing book can greatly expedite job performance. Information is given on organizing the job, managing resident care, staffing, and quality assurance issues.

For the new Director of Nursing, or the nurse aspiring to that position, the book outlines all of the major responsibilities of the job.

Applicable federal regulations are quoted in each chapter, and forms are throughout the book.

Forms and care plans have been updated to ensure compliance with the change to MDS 3.0 and with all of the federal regulations and guidelines updated during the past year.

All of the forms and nursing care plans in the Director of Nursing book are included on the CD so they can be saved to a computer whenever needed. By adding or deleting entries, the forms and care plans can be made resident specific.

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