Fall Risk Assessment for Restorative Nursing Care Plans

Posted by LTCS on April 18, 2012

Woman with walker petting catThe MDS 3.0 RAI User’s Manual states that long term care residents who have sustained at least one fall are at risk of future falls.

There are many risk factors for falls, and identifying these for nursing care plans can be done by assessing the resident, by filling out a comprehensive fall risk assessment form with input from the resident and family, by filling out section J1700-J1900 of the MDS, and by working the Falls Care Area Assessment to complete a nursing care plan.

Fall risk assessment begins with the resident’s admission.

All residents should be considered at high risk for falls until the initial assessment has been completed.

Read about when to do an assessment, using section G of the MDS, nursing care plans for falls, and risk factors for falls.

Fall Risk Assessment Essentials for Nursing Care Plans