Proposed Revisions to PPS and MDS

Posted by LTCS on May 12, 2017

Long Term Care Nursing PolicyCase mix methodology will be changed and the MDS form streamlined next year, according to proposed changes recently announced by CMS.

RUGs would be replaced with the Resident Classification System, RCS-1 which would adjust for therapies, nursing services, and non-therapy ancillaries for a more resident centered allocation of resources.

Therapies would be assessed by resident characteristics rather than therapy time.

All PPS assessments would be eliminated except for the 5 Day and Significant Change of Status MDS.

Full Description of Regulatory Changes – Federal Register

Nursing Care Plan and Policy Resources

Posted by LTCS on May 1, 2017

Pain Assessment Nursing Care Plans for Long Term CareNurses usually choose to work in long term care because they love the elderly and want to work where they are most needed. This shows a rare level of stamina and commitment. Many of them never stop fighting for resources and changes to increase the quality of life for their residents. We strive to make our books support that cause.

On this site you’ll find many resources and links for long term care. Print and view free nursing care plan templates based on the latest MDS language, care plans with all the needed choices, but not with the unneeded options cluttering most MDS software care plan generators.

There are links for all state and federal long term care regulations, and resources for Administrators, Directors of Nursing, MDS Coordinators, and Directors of Social Services, Activities, Quality Assurance and Infection Control.

Federal regulations are very specific about exactly what must be charted in nurses notes and in nursing care plans to justify payment for skilled nursing services. With high turnover in nursing staff, having clear and handy instructions can vastly improve quality of care, documentation, and Medicare reimbursement.

Skilled Charting Guideline for Tube Feeding

Having the right nursing documentation, assessments, and policies is also essential for optimization of nursing resources and quality of life for long term care residents.

Smoking Safety Assessment

Facility Smoking Policy